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Y62 2WD Kit

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It works.

The 2wd kit does work, but it's not well designed, unless I got a dodgy one. The fuse that comes on the adapter wires is a long pin micro fuse. My series 5 2020 is a short pin fuse. The long pin does fit or you can trim the pins I guess, but the worst issue is the cabling mesh to protect the insulation, and the amount of heatshrink, means the wires from the fuse aren't flexible enough to clear the fuse box lid, so there's always weight on the fuse pins. I stripped mine back to make it work, but the fuse is slightly loose in the holder, so I'm expecting a bad connection off road. It's can be made to work but it should be spot on from the shop. KO-GEAR Response: Thank you for the review. This is the 2nd generation of this fuse tap that is now custom made specifically for KO-GEAR and is based on the original manually created previous generation version. Yes, it uses a mini fuse instead of a micro fuse that has no legs. For this reason it is important to make sure the fuse tap is pushed home correctly as the fuse holder has sides that might impede the insert. We will certainly review / consider a micro tap version for our next bulk loom creation. Yes, it often touches the top lid of the fuse box but it can be bent down a bit without issue and the webbing and glue heat shrink are there to protect the wires. If troubles are encountered during or after the warranty period, please reach out to KO-GEAR via the usual channels. Regards KO-GEAR