Y62 2WD Kit


Please Allow me time to make and send. Current turnaround for incab version is approx 1-2  weeks (updated 21 Jan)



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  • 2WD Override Kit
  • This Kit in effectively breaks the circuit making the vehicle think a there is a ’blown’ fuse that controls the 4WD on the Y62.

Once that occurs the vehicle will only drive the rear wheels and importantly it DOES show dash warnings and Does Disable many of the safety features as it can no longer control the front wheels, so use at your own risk.

On pushing the Button again, the circuit is restored just like the fuse has been replaced. The warnings lights do clear, however often this can require a short drive and or a restart of the vehicle.

2WD Kit:

2 versions of the Kit will be available.

The traditional 'dash mounted push switch' type and a wireless remote type. ( pictures will be updated as stock is made.)


The Wireless install full be fully contained in the engine bay and operated via a 2 button wireless keychain remote.


The traditional 'dash mouned push switch kits includes

  • 2 mtr Twin core double insulated wire
  • 1 x Butt Crimp Heat Shrink Connector, 1X Self Tapping screw.

Relay Fuse Replacement Loom (includes, 5 pin relay and base, 10amp mini fuse & holder, mini fuse power tap, Earth connector, single water proof (amp) connector with tail.)

  • Add-A-Circuit with 3amp fuse and 1.5mtr tail.
  • Download Install Guides
  • Switch Colours are: (when available )
    • Blue
    • Orange 
    • Red
    • Green
    • White


Please be mindful that the 2WD and Rear Locker kits do override the STD vehicle function and or modify how the vehicle operates. Although care and attention has been taken in the products, adding them at your Y62 is at own risk. The kits are designed with fuse and component protection in mind to reduce risks, so please install well and enjoy wisely and safely.


Y62 2WD Kit

2wd Kit Type :::
InCab Switch Cover
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