T10 RGB Globes w Infrared Remote


These are a bit of inexpensive fun as these are not the normal KO-GEAR high quality.


RGB chips on the stem with an Infrared remote (line of sight)

One Remote can work all the globes, so get a pair or more and they all can be controlled via the infrared remotes.


Even though many exterior parkers/number plate globes are T10, we recommended for ‘inside’ the vehicle so the law enforcement don’t hassle you.

If you want light to aid seeing the ground, use the Blue colour or just use the KO-GEAR T10 1smd globe for nice whiteness.


NOTE:: on my test set, the ‘strobe’ and ‘smooth’ functions are swapped on the remote.  But like I said, these are NOT the normal KO-GEAR high quality and the price reflects this.


CROSS COMPATIBLE:::194, T10, 147,152, 158, 159, 161, 168, 184, 192, 193, 259, 280, 285, 447, 464, 501, 555, 558, 585, 655, 657, 1250, 1251,1252, 2450, 2652, 2827, 2921, 2825, W5W





INPUT :::12v

POLARITY:::Yes-sensitive, only works 1 way

RATED LIFESPAN::: These are not the normal KO-GEAR high quality, if they last a year, I think we have done well :)

Warranty:: replacement within 1 mth, after that, please contact for assessment.

T10 RGB Globes w Infrared Remote


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