Ram1500 Express Low Beam - Koolbeam LED Headlight Globes (pair)
Includes  Canbus decoderProduct supply may include new Koolbeam v2.Important:: This Product is very bright and as the Express low beam being a reflector type, may cause issues with oncoming traffic. Every globe is made to minimise this with mimicking the halogen hotspot, however the increased brightness and or even with adjustments this might still be an issue. This is not a fault of the product, so please adjust your headlights and if still concerned, seek a refund (excl postage) within 7 days of receipt. ko-gear Koolbeam:Simplicity: The Koolbeam LED bulbs are insanely easy to install. There are no bulky ballasts to mount. No relay wire harness to run. And thanks to the uniquely small size of the cooling mechanism; no housing cap fitment issues or extensions to deal with. Unplug the old bulbs. Plug in the Koolbeam bulbs. Power on! Instant intensity!Output: The Koolbeam's dual-sided post is only 3.65mm thick, which allows the opposed LED's to be positioned so close to the center of the bulb, therefore in the right position to focus properly in your headlight optics. The new CSP (Chip Scale Packaging) LED's provide greater lumen density than individual chips. Long story short: The Koolbeam has a lot of intensity packed into their sweet spot = more light on the road.Reliability: The Koolbeam headlight bulbs utilize a copper heat pipe to draw the high temps away from the LED chips and down towards the fan in their base. The turbine fan helps to actively cool the copper heat sink by drawing cool air in and exhausting hot air out of each side. This design minimizes static pressure and stress on the system, and compared to passively cooled setups without fans; works much more effectively to keep the bulb performing at its peak.Why Koolbeam?A cool beam lamp is a type of light that is designed to redirect its heat away from the light beam. An early use for cool beam lamps was in slide projectors. Since the ko-gear Koolbeam does just that, the product was name Koolbeam and It is perhaps fitting that the Koolbeam LED's aregreat replacement in headlight projectors.Kelvin Colour:Unlike many of the LED globes the Koolbeam's come standard in 5000k colour, which is very white and not blue at all.4300k, and 6000k colours can be done on speical order.Specs:Waterproof rate: IP68Colour temperature: 4300k 5000k 6000KMaterial: 6063 aviation aluminium + copperHeat dissipation principle: Turbine (fan) heat dissipationLifespan: ≥30000 hoursLumen : 4200LM (140LM / W)Power: 30W

Ram1500 Express Low Beam - Koolbeam LED Headlight Globes (pair)


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