Nissan Dual Switch

The Nissan Dual Push Switch ( 35mm x 20mm )

Fit the Nissan std blank 35mm x 20 mm
These Nissan Dual Push Switches are 1st of their kind in the world and are exclusive to KO-GEAR and they are only available from KO-GEAR and approved sellers.

The Switches are available:
- With Orange or Blue backlight.


Winch In/ Winch Out (Momentary Switch) 

"Mix n Match" Options:
Top Switch cover options: Aux Power, Battery Link, Air Comp, Hold My Beer, Winch Power, LED Lights, Side Lights, Rear Locker, Spot Lights, LED Lightbar
Bottom Switch cover options: Air Comp, LED Lights, Side Lights, Rear lights, Aux Power, Front Locker, Driving Lights, Spot Lights


IMPORTANT: With These dual switches, there is only a single12 volt input for both switches, which means that devices powered via a 'Highbeam trigger' wire, The LED lightBar, Driving lights and Spot Lights, should be on the same switch and not mixed with accessory types, that need power without the high beam being on.

The accessory type devices will require a normal 12 volt input.

Each Switch is single colour LED and has a dimmed 'Glow' and a full 'Bright' backlight illumination. The 'glow' illumination is activated when car dash lights are on and a 'bright' illumination when the Switch is ON and when the input is powered.
Like all push switches, the maximum current rating of 3 amps@ 12 volts, so a relay is recommended for devices with a draw greater than 3 amps.

Nissan Dual Switch

LED Backlight Colour
Top Switch Options
Bottom Switch Options

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