T15 High Output 1,200 Lumen LED Reverse Bulbs (pair)

KO-GEAR High Output 1,200 Lumen LED Reverse Bulbs - T15 / 921 Now Available with either T15 Adaptor (generic fittment) or with a 2 pin socket to suit the Nissan Y62 Patrol S1-S4 (Extra charge for Nissan socket) .

These bulbs labeled "T15" and will fit any 912, 921, 920 bulbs style housings. They will fit any housing (DRL, fog light, reverse light, etc...) that is sized between 13mm - 18mm in opening diameter. This High Output Globes is NOT recommended for some aftermarket taillights that have opening diameter >18mm. Instead KO-GEAR recommends the other T15's. These LED reverse light bulbs will fit other applications, but in order to get maximum brightness they are slightly overdriven. This means that if they are used constantly for longer periods of time they may burn out and fail prematurely. Please keep this in mind when deciding how to use them. A standard 55w halogen headlight produces as much as 1,200 Lumen of light, and these LED bulbs produce 1,200 Lumen of light per bulb! These are incredibly bright! These bulbs work in any CANBUS application where the reverse bulbs are monitored - you will not get a Bulb Out Warning, or flickering, when used in any reverse light application on any vehicle. Plug and play, convenient and easy install method. How to install: High Output LED Reverse light Installation Instructions: Remove the Reverse globe holder from the reverse light housing Remove the halogen globe using a cloth to keep the glass clean from grease / dirt Take the New High Output LED and insert the Black plug into the globe holder. Test LED is working Using 25cm the 50cm cloth wrap provided, wrap around the black plug and continue to wrap up and over the factory holder, So the black plug can’t fall or slip out. Insert the LED into the reverse light housing, so that housing is in the globes mounting slot. When inserting, twist and push depending on the holes size. The Aim is to get the mounting ‘slotted’ lip into the housing so the globe can’t fall out. Rotate the globe so that the “Black Fin’s” on the Heat Sink are vertical ( top and bottom). This will ensure the LEDS are positioned pointing Side/Side in the reflector. IF the globe is loose due to larger hole size, add1 or 2 of the included ‘O’ rings to the globe mounting slot. Universal Rubber Grommet Fitment, fits any hole opening between 13mm - 18mm LED Color: 6,000K Lumen Per Bulb: 1,200 Input Voltage: 9-30V DC Lifespan: LED Chip Rated at 50,000 Hours LEDs Used: x9 Seoul CSP Chips. Includes: installation guide and 50cm of Cloth harness tape to ensure the plug stays put. Bulb Dimensions:Length: 48mmWidth: 30mmDepth: 30mmCord Length: 2 Inches

T15 High Output 1,200 Lumen LED Reverse Bulbs (pair)

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