Y62 Patrol Interior LED Package ( 5 or 7 pcs)


The KO-GEAR LEDs make for a nice in colour and output over the standard halogen globe. 


This Kit includes all the LED's required to change the Y62 Patrol interior lights from warm Halogen to a nice bright white.

The 'Glow' feature of the Interior Lights still works as it does from standard.


If you're looking for something brighter and whiter: then you can pick up a set of the ko-gear Y62 5 pcs kit that is perfect for the Y62 Patrol.

7 pcs option includes 2 LED for the bottom of the Front doors.


The T10 has a diffused acrylic lenses on the tip of each bulb help distribute light evenly through the face of the bulb. 



LED BULBS:::4x KO-GEAR T10 and 1x KO-GEAR  29-31mm festoon




FITMENTS::: Y62 Interior and Cargo area



KELVIN RATING:::6000K (cool white)

LUMEN RATING:::110lm (per bulb)

LED CHIPS:::Osram 3030 led

INPUT RANGE:::9-14V  (12v)


RATED LIFESPAN:::>50,000 Hours

BEAM ANGLE:::360 Degrees

CANBUS Type :::  No


Festoon 29-31mm 4smd 3030 canbus TECHNICAL:

KELVIN RATING:::6000K (cool white)

LUMEN RATING:::160-180lm (per bulb)

LED CHIPS::: 4 x smd 3030 led



RATED LIFESPAN:::>50,000 Hours


Y62 Patrol Interior LED Package ( 5 or 7 pcs)

5 or 7 Pcs
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