DRL Control unit incl harness

This 'Generic' DRL control  unit and harness requires the DRL's it powers to have seperate stand alone Neg- and Pos + wires. (Important - These wires must NOT be shared with anything else. )

  • This unit uses the Neg- wire to control the DRL funtions.
  • It has a built-in delay off of 25sec. (Its a nice feature)


Power: Pos+ and neg- to battery/body

The blue Acc:  This is the one trigger, connect to engine fan or wiper motor or something that only gets powered when igintion is on.

White: This triggers the dimmer feature so the DRL become 'parkers' , i recommend this be connected to parker pos+ power 

Yellow:  (optional) This one connects to indicators and turns off the drl during indicator being active.

Green: (recommend to not use) When powered it will strobe the drls.

The Left and Right wire tails ( red and black) :  Take over the power and the earth of the DRL wires.

DRL Control unit incl harness


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